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Let′s get down to brass tags, folks, hear me out,
it′s high time I′ve had my say!
You′ll probably wonder what I am so furious about
but shut up now or call it a day!
Women′s lib as you all know by now
took many of us completely by surprise
and many a slick lover had to discover
how difficult it got to grab a nice pair of thighs.
Now don′t despair my dear male friends,
remember who′s asleep inside your pants:
Ever ready for a feast in him we trust at least,
so girls, better look out for the crawling beast!
Well, well, well friends, nothing to be afraid of
as long as we stand back to back
no swift pair of scissors is gonna do us any harm,
so together we can ride the storm.
I remember the golden times,
when this world was still a man′s world
and many a fair maiden lay at our feet!
And how they loved this place in the olden days
and they walked three steps behind us in the street.
Oh friends there must be someone who can stop the decline
that will lead man to a certain fall
and then up yours hen-pecked husbands,
softies and yellow bellies!
It′s time to practise Tarzan′s call!



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