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249 Thatís life

So long you played the bosses pet
and took his side without regret.
Now, did he move you up the stairs?
Youíre sitting in the same old chair.

Youíve missed the bowl, you were not even close!
Thatís life for you, believe me, so it goes.

For years she walked there at your side,
you introduced her as your bride
but you never saw her down the aisle,
an Egyptian took her to the Nile.

A penny savedís a penny earned,
your grandpa taught, thatít what you learned.
Whatever youíve saved for a rainy day,
you bankerís taken it all away.

What the heck, it seems absurd,
ícause no one knows the final word,
when vultures circle up ahead
a u-turn might just save your head.

Youíve missed the bowl, but it was damn close!
Thatís life again, believe me, so it goes.



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