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244 Lilly

She is just a girl who lives next door;
then again she′s all I′m living for:
Lilly is my one and all, yes, she′s my one, she′s all.
Lilly, here I am waiting, the chapel′s lit, the guests have all come.
Lilly, anticipating my future with you I′m a lucky one!
Lilly, don′t let me wait here, like all the times you did before.
Lilly, this one′s too many, with this you finally close the door.
Lilly, nobody came later, at school you had your own late book,
Lilly, no teacher′s fury could ever reduce the time you took.
Lilly, this independence won my heart as years went by,
Lilly, you seemed to take ages, but then you made me a lucky guy.
Lilly, the bride′s maids are crying, the guests have all left, some angry, some down.
Lilly, the bells have stopped ringing, I′ll be the laughing stock of our town.
Lilly the vicar has gone now, the candles have burnt down, the flowers fell dry.
Lilly, and still I am waiting, one heartbroken, lonely, unlucky guy.



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