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It′s here again this strange emotion,
slowly creeping down my spine
and it′s turning water into wine.
It′s hard to stand the growing softness,
oh God, I feel so weak inside,
almost makes me run away and hide.
Oh, sure enough I′ m not the woman
to turn to wax like a teenage tart,
but there are still soft spots in my heart.
Love has always spelled more trouble
it′s never gonna pay the rent
only fools dare call it "heaven sent".
What good is love, it will cause distress
turn happy lives into heaps of mess,
no, I won′t give in; I won′t give in at all!
I have lifted tons of steel,
shaped my body not to feel
like a plastic doll,
I′m not a handy doll.
Fooled before, I will be fooled again,
oh, you can believe me.
And then it′s sleepless nights and tears my friend,
the misery!
Love′s a lie; I′d gladly live without it.
There′s got to be, got to be a way!
So keep your arrows in your quiver
or aim at someone else′s heart,
you hear me, Eros? I′m not taking part.
And all you hunters, let me warn you,
this woman′s not an easy prey,
so pack it in and do call it a day
Januar 1988!



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