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Dave was sick and stumbled home
and left me drinking on my own.
The bar was crowded I felt fine,
the wine worked wonders on my mind.
Who touched my shoulder and who asked me for a light?
I turned my head around and she came into sight.
Blue eyes smiled I stood ablaze,
to light her fag seemed to take days.
She stood so close it burned like hell,
her perfume breathed that magic spell.
While I kept pouring drinks to ease the growing heat
I grew aware of my defeat.
Naughty Nancy, what is on your mind?
You′re up to some kind of mischief.
As lover I′m foolish, deaf, dumb and blind
and fall for your tricks as long as I live.
She took me out into the night,
I must have looked a sorry sight.
I tried to kiss her but in vain,
only tasted drops of rain.
I woke up wallet less, wet in a dustbin′s shade,
her laughter on my mind inside my throbbing head.
Tell me, Nancy, why are we so blind
and foolish beyond all belief?
We lose all our sense when you wag your behind
and fall for your tricks as long as we live.



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