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First there was the word, as the bible will tell,
then God created heaven and hell.
This can′t be true in every respect,
Lord, please forgive me, I′ve got to object!
(When) I got to know her my heart was aflame
by the way that she moved and the way that she came.
She promised a great time of messing about
but too soon the horizon showed a black cloud.
I may be such a heartless sod
and maybe I′m to blame
but when she started to define what we′d got
I thought it was a crying shame.
It wasn′t her words ′cause she chose them quite well;
I got deeply annoyed with what she would tell.
Her world was a bleak one of crisis and plight
where human relations decay overnight.
I got depressed as the nights went by
suicidal by the end of the week
and could only stop my temper fly high
by forbidding her to speak.
Crises for breakfast, disasters at noon,
for dinner she′d tell some black tale of doom.
Wherever she looked of whoever she saw
her image of man was blackness in raw.
Imagine my pain and my tortured heart,
the dagger in my soul.
I sigh sighs of relief now that we′re apart
feeling fresh and whole
. Herbert is useless since Jenny left him;
he never leaves home and drinks too much gin.
One can only guess what′s wrong with Annette;
her friend is a brute and beats her in bed.
Yesterday Sandy came too late to work;
her girl friend got mad and she went berserk.
The world is so bad the world′s all so wrong;
she goes on and on and on and on



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