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Susan awakes in the early morning light
slowly freeing from the sleep of a good night
and wondering what the day will bring.
Down to the kitchen she tiptoes on bare feet
stretching her hands to the stoves friendly heat
and waits for the nettle to sing.
How she likes the hours
when the day is fresh and yawning
every waking, every brand new,
every sun-filled morning.
Outside the house the cats have begun to play
the rooster crows proudly on a stack of hay,
the hens peck busily at the ground.
The dog stretches idly outside his house
and lazily watches the feeding of the cows
then turns and looks around.
These are precious moments she likes to hold
all through the day that makes her grow old
and over the years that race by.
A touch of paradise enters her mind
in these morning hours so calm and so kind
sometimes she can′t help but cry.



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