2 Songwriters 200 Songs

249-That's life 108-Monolith
248-No name song 107-Winter song
247-One time loser 106-Bridges burn
246-Dancing in the snow 105-Party for your life
245-Not Christmas again 104b-Birgits Petitesse
244-Lilly 104a-Birgits Petitesse
243 What's the story 103b-Michael's dream
242-The dentist 103a-Michael's dream
241-Stormy wednesday 102-Hymn
240-City to city 100-David
239-Queens and Kings 098-Toilet paper
238-Take the train 097-Manni's song
237-Expensive gas 096-Morning blues
236-July 095-Naughty Nancy
235-Hurdy gurdy 094-Suburbia
234-The doctor 093-Schneeflocken
233-All I can hear 092-Elegie
231-What a sight I am 091-Modern talking
230-Lebanon 090-And yet
229-Fireworks 089-Done at last
228-Rearview mirror 088-Oh
226-I'm missing you 087-The sweet taste of surprise
225-Holes in my shoes 086-Avoid that street
224-The twin 085-Traffic jam
223-Someone to lend a hand 084-Crawling beast
222-The tent is down 083-On the shore
221-September sun 082-The storyteller
220-Summer evening 081-Love (what else)
219-Country girl 080b-Candyman (b)
218-The princess 080a-Candyman (a)
217-Choop choop 079-Emmpti
216-On the beach 078-Waschmittelfee
215-Desert dawn 077-Night-shift
214-Crossroads 076-On the highway
213-Fifty-fifty 075-You and I
212-Dont hang your head 074-Spring
211-Old fools 073-Save the earth
210-Labyrinth of love 072-Soilent green
209-Our music will roll on 071-February 21st
208-Rainbows end 070-Make a blind man see
207-I'm dreaming 069-See identity
205-The night before 068-A night out
204-Goodbye Rosi 067-Face in the window
203-The mountain 066b-Any dates sailor (b)
201-If you dont harrow 066a-Any dates sailor (a)
199-Black legs against the sky 065-Lost in the distance
196-Ballad 2001 064-The elm tree
195-No humpta 063b-Tuesday (b)
194-No beefsteaks 063a-Tuesday (a)
193-Ice-diver 062-I'm there
192-Fee 061-Never say never
189-Can't civilize 060b-Little boy reading comix (b)
188-From the top 060a-Little boy reading comix (a)
186-No beer waltz blues 059-Proud to be a man
185-The hunters 058-One night away
184-Slow motion 057-A touch of paradise
183-The magic of hope 056-In the middle of the night
180-Millennium 055-The actress
179-The mammoth 054-Strange days indeed
178-No Madonna 053-On the verge of paranoia
176-The hermit 052-Good morning Miss Piggy
175-Sweet economy 051-Oh Orwell
174-All these moments 050-The night
170-Lose more 049b-Without leaves (b)
169-Indigo 049a-Without leaves (a)
168-Back to the past 048-Each man loves his car
167-Raving mad 047-Lyrics to this song
165-Brand X 046-Mockingbird
164-Cowboys in pink 045-Please the crowd
163-Years last 044-How to win your day
162-So rare 043-Night light
161-Virtual reality 042-Papateita
160-I sing for you 041-Man on the hill
159-Moths 040-Don't look back
158-Too late 039a-The rules of the play (a)
157-Way out 039-The rules of the play (b)
155-Piano man 038-Fool spring
154-Stand up and take the blame 037-Guten Tag, Rita
152-So it goes 036-Curry rice and apple pies
151-One hundred 035-Rain falls on Soho
150-After all 034-Gloomy mood
149-Jewel 033-Moving out - in?
148-Music heals my soul 032-To my son
147-Birgit 031-In front of shut door
146-So long 030-Dartmoor dreams
145-Endless 029-Star
142-Sussex 028-America
141-Peace of mind 027-Plastic people
140-Three hundred days 026-Instrumental in F
139-Good and bad 025-Flimsy dresses
138-Girl on page three 024-No monachies
137b-Dream (b) 023-You are the river
137a-Dream (a) 022-No substitute
136-Running out of sand 021-Scared in the park
135-Rhythm of the Seasons 020-After the storm
133-Hangover 019b-Under a good spell
132-Für später 019a-Under a good spell
128-No sad songs 018-Weihnachten
127-Some dream remain 017-Rosi
126-Martha's out of town 016-Peaceful dreamers
125-Farewell 015-My name's mistake
124-Hairy whale 014-Cosy hideaway
123-Wait for me 013-Lonely nights
122-Candy Client 012-Children's lamentiii
121b-Years' end 011-Out of Cairo
121-Years' end 010-Go outside
120-Anew 009-Hidden rock
119-Again and again 008-Mirror of my mood
118-Out into the blue 007-Words without meaning
117-Sunday Sunday 006-Clear blue sky
114-Sixnine 005-Angela
113-Loser's game 004-Ich wach immer zu spät auf
112a-The clowns 003-The ship leaves the harbour
111-Victory and defeat 002-Finnlandsong
110-Transcontinental 001-Schwedensong